Grace and Gusto

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What does it mean to live with grace and gusto?  To live life to its fullest and still be present in the moment?  To rock the boat but not tip it over?  For me, accepting my age and living with it requires a defiant spirit.  It requires being fierce yet gentle, feisty yet sweet, a mind that accepts paradox as the norm.

The essence of the paradox requires me to at once be old and young at heart.  Today I venture into a new world of online blogging, one my son suggested I not pursue.  Ever defiant of life’s expectations, of course, I swung open the door and threw myself in.  A year long commitment bespeaks quite an entrance!  For me, gusto.  Not telling him, grace.

The book speaks to the way I prefer my reading material, but this page to the reality of life in the twenty-teens.  Like a robin trapped in the unwelcoming frost of winter, I seek a nesting place in this great void of internet space.  And I’m guessing you feel much the same way.  We live and breathe in a world that overlooks and marginalizes the old, but in our hearts we feel a spring in our step, one often unseen by those we love.  We live with gusto.  We accept limitations with grace.

This first chat sets the stage for sharing recipes, tips on skincare, stories about littles, and a host of other topics.  I welcome your comments and suggestions as we explore the beautiful world of aging with grace and gusto.


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