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I freely share my wisdom with younger women.  I tell them…one of these days you will enjoy grandchildren.  There are rules you must follow.  Love and spoil them.  That’s your job.  I do mine well.  But in doing so, beware of these caveats!

  1.  DO NOT give each one a baby afghan and baby quilt.  That explosion of joy accompanying your first grandchild will be replicated a number of times.  You may experience deep regret about the time #8 comes along.
  2. And BY NO MEANS should you make a “big boy” quilt and a “big boy” afghan when the first grandchild transitions into a “big boy” bed.  This is an especially dangerous time for you if your first grandchild is 3 or 4 years older than the next to come along.  You are being lulled into a dangerous state of thinking you’re home free.  Trust me.  You’re not.

I’m on the seventh grown up quilt and the eighth child’s big girl afghan.  I never voice misgivings, and I love them dearly.  Giving is a pleasure, but at 1:30 am a week before Christmas, I sometimes very silently think them when no one is looking.  True confession.  The commentary runs something like this:  “How EVER will I get this done by Christmas?  I have GOT to be out of my mind!!”

Then the little punkins’ run into my arms when they see me next, and I know it’s all been worthwhile.  So let me go on record with this amended wisdom:  Pour out all the love and service you can…but invest in therapy.  You may need it, lol!  As an alternative take up baking.  Now that’s something I can get behind!

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