How to Bolster Retirement Savings

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As Jimmy Stewart reminds us in Its A Wonderful Life, getting along without money is hard, stranded as we are in a finite world measured in dollars and cents.  We oldsters look at dwindling bank accounts with dismay, realizing we may have more life than money, living one calamity away from poverty.  And I do not exaggerate.  We live longer.  We earn less.  A frightening portrait of dependency shades our days with worry.

For me, a retirement business remedies that situation.  Rather than a paycheck, my business is a grace note allowing me to give without reserve, enjoy without counting the cost, and live without worry.  My business lets me choose my hours.  It lets me decide how much I want to earn.  It provides friendship, joy and a lot to live for.

And for people like me, who grew up with a healthy work ethic and grounded values, it is the perfect solution to increasing the bottom line on our own terms.  Our parents retired and sat at home waiting to die.  We retire and start another life.  Check out mine!  I’d love to work with you!  My free website is  If you click on the JOIN icon, you are treated with just how easy it is to be a Posh bestie!

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