What is Grace?

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Grace, as we sing, is amazing, and we learn it young in life.  The trick lies in remembering it.  Cora, at 3, understands the implication of grace all too well.

At lunch I noticed a cut on Joslyn’s arm.  The conversation went like this:

Nana:  What happened here, Joslyn?

J:  It got cut with a knife.

C:  (with finger raised in the air) By AC-ci-dent!

Nana:  What kind of knife were you playing with?they are a pair

J:  A kitchen knife.

C:  (with finger raised in air) By AC-ci-dent!

Nana:  Well, where were you when this happened?

J:  In Mommy’s bedroom.

C:  (with finger raised in air) By AC-ci-dent!

It became abundantly clear that in Cora’s little mind, if no ill will was intended, no blame could be cast.  We call it grace.

they love Posh!

I home school Katelyn and Matthias.  Some days are torture.  A youngster doesn’t work well, dawdles, is difficult.  Usually it happens in pairs, doubling the household frustration.  They love it when I call it a day of grace, and no one gets in trouble.

The beauty of it is, grace has no limits.  It costs us nothing, and it’s oh so valuable.  Let’s be generous givers of heaping doses of grace.

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