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Faith.  According to Paul, it’s hoped for and not seen.  Intangible.  A belief.  Not knowledge.

A life of gusto is premised on faithl.  If not, fear of giving too much engenders a hoarding instinct.  Only through faith in an eternal supply can I expend all the laughter, all the energy, all the joy I possess, and know a fresh supply refills my soul’s empty coffers.  The same goes with temporal giving as well.  There exist those times when I give Posh freely, knowing replacement product awaits.

Sing to a country Western song: Let me never love just a little.  Smile just a little.  Give just a little.  I want to live with a brimming over quality inspiring those around me each and every day.  This is living with gusto.

What is living with grace?  Not epecting a return.  Letting others be themselves without judgment.  Accepting faults and failures without blame.  Not so easy to do.

I balance precariously on the tightrope of life, finding it easier to live with gusto more than grace.  I need more grace.

good vibes
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