Is it a Blessing or a Curse?

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Electronics–a blessing or a curse?  When I find myself without my phone, even this hip old Nana becomes paralyzed, cut off from the world.  Beyond concern over where I left it and whether or not it is on silent mode, and will I EVER see it again, lies the realization of just how much the stupid smart phone intrudes on my life.

I run two online businesses.  I manage 4 Facebook pages.  Bill complains I spend all my time on the phone.  The irony hits home, because, actually, all my life I’ve hated talking on the phone.  Of course, technically, I’m not talking.  But it is true.  The limitless web dominates my leisure as well as my life.  What to do?  What to DO?

Learn to grasp it ever more tightly, lol.  My sense of gusto suggests strapping it to my person or inventing an alarm when it is set down…things probably already invented.  Thankfully, I have Bill, who reminds me about my phone when I start to leave without it, finds it when I’ve set it down, delivers my phone when I have actually forgotten it, and who puts up with my phone.

Grace suggests learning ways to use it more efficiently.  The E-card is one way I do that.  When a customer likes my product or wants to talk to me later about my business, I text her an E-card to reach me more easily.  But what grace really suggests is putting the stupid smartphone in its proper place.  People over phone.  Or more correctly, Bill over phone.  Always Bill.  And then it’s a blessing.  Join me at

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