How to Self Care

As women, we take care of our world and all within our reach.  We soothe children’s boo boos and console a spouse’s discouragement.  We fix meals, solve problems, fold towers of laundry, teach Sunday school, serve our communities, and earn money to pay bills.  Um…a question…Who takes care of us?

Self care refills our empty coffers and allows us to continue giving.  As important as vitamins, a healthy diet and exercise, all too often it remains shockingly absent in a busy woman’s life.  We postpone taking care of ourselves because we are too busy, despite the fact that it is easy and inexpensive and essential.  I promise.

But that’s what I do.  Self care is my business.  I remind women: it’s okay to take care of you.  It’s okay to replenish and restore what you so freely give to others.  It is not selfish to take care of yourself…it’s essential.

How do you do that?  Establish tiny routines.  Racing  to town, apply a non-greasy big fat yummy hand cream at a red light and drink in the fragrance.  At bedtime dab on a moisturizer and feel it seeping into your thirsty skin.  Shower with a chunk, the best soap on the planet.  All my products are under $25, and buy five, get one free.  Affordable and necessary.  Feel free to check out my full product lines at and message me with questions.

Small, tiny acts of self care.  I give you permission to take care of yourself.

Hand Savers!

An Attitude of Gratitude

Bitterness is easy.  When life throws a curve ball, asking a simple question like, “Why?” derails peace and robs my soul of joy.  My husband likes to pound the steering wheel and demand an answer to that simple question.  Every.  Day.  And every day I make him stop.

I have to.  My heart simply can’t take it.  My own equilibrium requires me to focus on an equally simple but paradoxical answer:  Because.

  • Because my son died, my heart will ever need love to bandage its gaping hole, and for that I am grateful.  Love heals.
  • Because a fur ball my son wanted me to have is nestled beside me, I am grateful.  I can close my eyes and see Alma sprawled in a corner chair tickling the pup’s ears, saying, “I don’t think this is the puppy for you.  Maybe I should keep him.”  Ha! And I smile.
  • Because Alma still speaks in phrases we love to repeat, I am grateful.  When I drop a glass…”Wellll, that’s unfortunate!”  I smile as I blink back my tears.
  • Because his children fill our lives with purpose and giggles and hugs, I am grateful.
  • Because our family is drawn closer than ever, I am grateful.  Family is such a blessing.

Why?  Because an attitude of gratitude helps me smile.

lion of judah

Top 5 Reasons why Direct Sales is the Best Retirement Income

Do you have a side hustle?  Should you? 

I am a women that owns a business

According to Forbes, there are almost 28  million small businesses in the US, and over 22 million are single owners.  That’s a whole lotta’ people who may know something you don’t know….like why it’s the best retirement income on the planet.

  1. Name your own hours.  Huge!  We are beyond keeping employers’ schedules.  With direct sales you decide when to work.
  2. Choose your favorite field.  There isn’t a field in which something isn’t for sale.  These are easily marketable products, and it’s all up to you.  It’s your choice.
  3. Direct sales is built on a platform of mentoring.  You have years of life experience, a strong work ethic, and free time.  You are in a perfect position to help mentor another person to success.
  4. Many direct sales companies, mine at least, require no monthly minimums, no drop shipments, no stock purchases filling your garage.  Your free replicated site is the perfect pass key for selling without ever having a customer’s product in hand…unless you want to.  I prefer offering a lot of customer service.
  5. Brick and mortar stores are consolidating and closing.  Internet sales offer little or no customer support, and talking to someone who speaks your language without hitting a half dozen buttons deters a lot of shoppers.  Direct sales is the perfect blend.

If you’d like more information about my company, please leave a question.  If you’d like to join me in this adventure, where friendships and opportunities are limitless, go to my site and click on JOIN.  I will get to you with a quick start program and help you each step of the way.  But for goodness sake, start a small business!!!

Until We Meet Again

alma and family

I usually write and schedule my blog entries days or even a week ahead, and schedule the time to be published.  But this is today.  Today we say goodbye to my second born son.  He died suddenly on Sunday morning.  I had no chance to give him a squeeze, say goodbye, or touch his face.  And so I am imposing on you, gentle reader, hoping you don’t mind meeting him, letting me put out into the universe this lasting memorial to my son.

Alma John was both a restless soul and a home body.  I remember him as a toddler, pulling on the bottom of his coat in the closet, crying Go! Go!  Fast forward five years, and that same boy could hardly be drug to a car to go to town for groceries. He graduated and thought he wanted to see the world; he drove an 18-wheeler for two years.  When he got tired of freeways and thoroughly homesick, he returned.  He built a home on our property, which is as close as you can get to being home. He loved nothing more than playing out in the fields as a child, and chugging along on a brush hog as an adult.  He was my home body son.

He was a redneck boy.  His first car was a porsche, which he and his dad hauled home in pieces on the back of a flatbed trailer.  He spent more than a year putting it back together, but never drove it.  When he saw the prohibitive cost of insurance for a 16-year-old driving a sports car, he sold it and bought a beat up old truck.  Very fitting.

He could fix or repair or build anything from wood or steel.  He built a 40 x 80 foot three story steel building and shop for their home, and the scope of the project never daunted him.  I can see it now as I type this, and I remember him high in the air, balanced on a beam, my heart in my throat.  No fear.

He was sarcastic and politically incorrect.  Always.  He was a country boy who loved all the old classics.  When he was in his shop, you could always hear the twang of a steel guitar.

He was a first-responder for ten or more years, and would give anyone the shirt off his back.  When he got tired of all the politics he went back to being a grease monkey, which was where he started.

He was a beloved son, a husband and father, a good man.  He was my son.

RIP Alma John Rhoads

alma first responder

How I Use CoQ10 to Its Fullest Advantage

Heart healthy.  What comes to your mind?  Diet and exercise, of course.  But sometimes our bodies manufacture less of certain substances as we age, and sometimes our foods become so processed, they offer less nutrition than desired.  Hence food additives.  They exploded onto the scene and never seem to end.

One of the superheroes in this dialogue is a relatively new compound: CoQ10.  The literature abounds with conflicting reports on this miraculous antioxidant.  Dividing the hucksters from the naysayers, I find truth in more moderate research reports.  It admittedly serves as a valuable adjunct for those taking statin drugs.  Research trials remain inconclusive on its benefits in other conditions.  But do I take it?  Oh yes.  Internally and externally.

Interestingly, reports also indicate CoQ10 boosts production of collagen and elastin, a bonanza in skincare.  Here’s the salient point: The molecule is tiny enough to be directly absorbed through the skin.  Prize for the Eyes contains CoQ10 as its hero ingredient, so dabbing around your eyes means you are feeding the targeted cells at the most basic level.

This product is lightweight and creamy, never feels greasy  I apply it under my moisturizer for optimal results.  It is a perfect complement in my daily regimen.

prize for the eyes

How to Remain Strong in Retirement

An iconic image of strength in aging is Winston Churchill.  Long before The Darkest Hour, I admired his perseverance in the face of annihilation.  For that is what we face, is it not?  Personal annihilation as certain as life itself?

So many reduce themselves in these last years of aging to a resignation bordering on depression, not living with gusto right up to that last breath.  Not me!  I watched my parent’s generation retire and sit at home waiting to die.  I vowed at a tender age I would not go silently into the night–but burst across the finish line instead.

That is the essence of my starting this business with the advent of Medicare.  Old but not finished.  Tired but not that tired!  My business invigorates me, causes me to jump out of bed with purpose (sometimes at 3 am), but always with a mind full of things to do and a heart willing to do them.  Right now you can join me and receive this fabulous suitcase for our first adventure together.  Oh, yeah.  Posh travel is enjoyable, tax deductible, and an absolute riot!  I’d love to mentor you and work with you.  I don’t sell skincare, I sell an experience only Posh offers.  Pampering for me, pampering for you, pampering for everyone.  Yeah, that’s a strong statement.  Gotta’ love Posh!  Go to my site: and click on JOIN.  I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

Amazing Grace

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.  I looked it up, and the fifth definition fit: mercy, clemency, pardon.  Synonyms: leniency, reprieve.  Antonym:  harshness.

Inseparably connected, religion and every one of the 13 definitions I found wove grace into the fabric of a Savior saving the fallen.  Our world strives for self-sufficiency, but as I age, I strive for the wisdom of accepting help.  Accepting help graciously.  And it helps me value the greatest gift of grace ever given.

As a soul needing saving, I appreciate this gift that keeps on giving, day in and day out, no matter my unworthiness.  Moreover, I appreciate the giver of the gift.  It sets a foundation from which I can give grace to myself and to others.  I’m not always good at it, but I try.  Some hurts require time to heal.  Some offenses on merit alone truly are unforgivable, but grace requires me to try.  I am a work in progress.  That is enough.



Is the Instant Pot Your Friend?

Yes, I’m in love.  My full life often means meal planning takes a back seat.  Meat gets pulled from the freezer and must be prepared before fully thawed.  Sigh.

I discovered a remedy for last-minute-poor-planning cooks.  Don’ let the term pressure cooker intimidate you.  Recipes abound.  The steps are easy peasy.

  1.  Plug it in.
  2.  Hit manual.
  3.  Add or reduce the minutes.
  4.  Walk away.

We grow a lot of sweet potatoes.  A lot.  I can cook sweet potatoes in a fraction of the time.  20 minutes and voila!  Place the clean sweet potatoes in your pot on a little platform.  We grow some real bruisers, so I often cut them in half.  Add a cup of water.  Apply the lid.  Shift the valve on top to the center, adjust the time for 20 minutes, and go!  When it beeps, switch the valve to the right to release steam.  When all is silent, lift the lid, letting steam escape away from you.

We love ours with butter.  I know, I know.  What can I say?  We love butter.  And brown sugar.  Did I mention that I can take a perfectly healthy item and turn it into forbidden fruit?  Sigh.Yum!

How to Become an Entrepreneur

Ever think about being your own boss?  I’m not saying everyone can take a frustrating job and shove it, striding away successful.  It takes grit, effort, and consistency to start and run a business.

am saying that 75% of all Americans, particularly those 40 and over, have that potential.  Ask yourself some questions:

  • Do you fold the laundry after it’s washed, or live out of a basket?
  • Do you clean your kitchen before going to bed, or leave the sink full of soapy water?
  • Do you like to make lists and more importantly, scratch things off your list?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above, you could be an entrepreneur!  Your next step requires looking at your options.  Are you a crafter?  Do you want to transfer product?  Do you want to provide a service? These three categories comprise most entrepreneurial ventures.

I like Posh because I get to share products I love.  The colorful packaging and trendy names make them desirable.  I never have to deal with auto ship bundles or monthly quotas.  My business revolves around pampering women who do so, so much for their families.  Yup.  I love Posh…the question is, what will you do?  Use your strong work ethic to your advantage, and start a business…but I ask you, who wouldn’t want a samples like this?  To join my adventure, go to and click on JOIN.sample 1

How Men do Skincare

pexels-photo-912473.jpegMy husband always considered Posh a “ladies” thing.  That is, until he ran into trouble with his soap.  His trusted brand, which shall remain nameless, though it starts with an I, started causing his skin to itch.

“Do you have any manly Posh?” he asked one day.  I smiled.  I tried to hide it, but it remains true.  I smiled.

“Why, yes I do.”  I offered him a chunk.  Women tend to obsess over skincare, but men are becoming a larger segment of the market every year.  The chunk is a huge bar of soap, so it fills his hand and feels manly.  (I like to cut mine in half, 10 seconds on each side in the microwave, cut with a sharp knife.)  He didn’t exactly kneel before me with a flower in Hawaii when he used it, but close…he loved it!

The Shea butter and sustainable palm oil base keeps his skin hydrated.  Most importantly, the dyes in many commercial products affected him, causing eczema-like symptoms, but not Posh!  He now relies on Posh for all his showering needs.

Finding a good soap isn’t all that easy.  Aside from scent and ingredient issues. an underlying environmental issue demands attention.  Palm oil is all too often harvested by deforestation, leaving erosion and decimating an already endangered biosphere.  By using only sustainable palm oil, Posh cements its commitment to protecting our environment, just as the naturally-based ingredients protect your skin.  Posh is a company I can get behind!  Want some?  Visit my site at and click on COLLECTIONS.  Thank you for reading my blog!