Who Spring Cleans Any More?

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I can remember spring cleaning.  We lived in the country and we heated with wood.  Our house felt like a dust magnet.  We’d take a room, start with walls and windows, and clean ceiling to floor.  Marshaling the efforts of three sons, my role as task manager proved less arduous than you might expect.  Fast forward 30 years.  We still live in the country; we still heat with wood; silt still filters in.  Gradually spring cleaning evolved into spring highlights, and then devolved into spring touch-ups.  My house needs a professional who works on a tight budget!

Other cleaning started taking prominence.  Keeping heart and soul unencumbered and stain-free in these times of shifting moral sands took prominence over a spotless home and perfect blinds.  This inner scrubbing takes time.  Mindful self-examination.  Application of an immovable standard.  For me, daily time in Scripture took precedence over dusting and sweeping.  Self care now gets squeezed into an already busy life, and my poor home sometimes shows neglect.

But self care is what I do.  I own a pampering business, and it begins with me.  So one area of my life remains squeaky clean.  The Snarky bar has become my go-to for heel scrubbing, knee scrubbing, behind-the-knee scrubbing, elbow scrubbing…you get the picture.  Those little eco-beads and apricot seed powder, agave extract and prickly pear cactus, loaded with rich vitamins and Shea butter, and scented with luscious essential oils, makes this God’s gift for people who love a good scrub.  I do!  Don’t you?  Visit my site: http://www.madaboutposh.com and click on COLLECTIONS, click on SCRUBS.  You’ll thank me later.

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