An Antidote for Depression

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Everyone feels sad sometimes, but there exists a level beyond sad.  I’m not talking about the normal feelings that accompany a tear-jerker movie, a friend’s bad news, or a loss.  Depression presents in many guises.  Clinical manifestations include fluctuations in weight, changes in sleep patterns, inability to concentrate, reports of fatigue, and noticeable changes in activity level.  Estimates place 15-20% of people over the age of 65 as depressed–staggering figures.

It comes as no surprise.  The neurotransmitters which keep the brain healthy get out of whack as a person ages.  A host of situations exacerbate the situation.  Isolation, poor eating habits, and a loss of purpose affect many.  It is true that low doses of medication can reverse this condition, but fear of complications and contraindications make choosing a pill an uneasy remedy.

One way to combat the problem lies in forming new associations.  Bridge, reading groups, and senior centers are traditional forms of socialization; but I’ve found a retirement business to be the best antidote.  It actually brings in needed income.  It gives purpose and excitement, it opens the door to a host of new friendships.  Millennials have trouble assimilating into the workplace, while seniors have a strong work ethic and are welcomed into the fold.

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