How Long Does My Body Butter Last?

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My littles love riddles.  Set five around a lunch table and get them started–you may find a few funny lines, but every little will laugh at every non-joke told.  The development of a sense of humor comes slowly.

Me?  I seldom remember a riddle.  This is the only riddle I know.  Honestly.  “When is a cook mean?’  Think a minute.  Pause.  Pause.

“When she cracks the eggs and whips the cream!”  Ha.  Ha.  I’ve know that, and only that riddle for 30+ years.

I share it now because it highlights one of my favorite Posh products, Fresh Creamy Milk body butter.  It’s whipped!  This Shea butter based butter soaks into my skin and makes it feel luxuriant.  The coconut oil is a gentle scent, not at all overbearing.

One tub lasts me about 8 months.  I know this because we release new lines every 6 months.  And my old product is never gone.  Never.  As eager as I am to try new things, it takes me about 2 or 3 extra months to make way for the luscious new scents.  So how long does your tub of body butter last?  You can find this on my site at  Click on COLLECTIONS, click on BODY.

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