How Men do Skincare

pexels-photo-912473.jpegMy husband always considered Posh a “ladies” thing.  That is, until he ran into trouble with his soap.  His trusted brand, which shall remain nameless, though it starts with an I, started causing his skin to itch.

“Do you have any manly Posh?” he asked one day.  I smiled.  I tried to hide it, but it remains true.  I smiled.

“Why, yes I do.”  I offered him a chunk.  Women tend to obsess over skincare, but men are becoming a larger segment of the market every year.  The chunk is a huge bar of soap, so it fills his hand and feels manly.  (I like to cut mine in half, 10 seconds on each side in the microwave, cut with a sharp knife.)  He didn’t exactly kneel before me with a flower in Hawaii when he used it, but close…he loved it!

The Shea butter and sustainable palm oil base keeps his skin hydrated.  Most importantly, the dyes in many commercial products affected him, causing eczema-like symptoms, but not Posh!  He now relies on Posh for all his showering needs.

Finding a good soap isn’t all that easy.  Aside from scent and ingredient issues. an underlying environmental issue demands attention.  Palm oil is all too often harvested by deforestation, leaving erosion and decimating an already endangered biosphere.  By using only sustainable palm oil, Posh cements its commitment to protecting our environment, just as the naturally-based ingredients protect your skin.  Posh is a company I can get behind!  Want some?  Visit my site at and click on COLLECTIONS.  Thank you for reading my blog!

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