How to Become an Entrepreneur

Ever think about being your own boss?  I’m not saying everyone can take a frustrating job and shove it, striding away successful.  It takes grit, effort, and consistency to start and run a business.

am saying that 75% of all Americans, particularly those 40 and over, have that potential.  Ask yourself some questions:

  • Do you fold the laundry after it’s washed, or live out of a basket?
  • Do you clean your kitchen before going to bed, or leave the sink full of soapy water?
  • Do you like to make lists and more importantly, scratch things off your list?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above, you could be an entrepreneur!  Your next step requires looking at your options.  Are you a crafter?  Do you want to transfer product?  Do you want to provide a service? These three categories comprise most entrepreneurial ventures.

I like Posh because I get to share products I love.  The colorful packaging and trendy names make them desirable.  I never have to deal with auto ship bundles or monthly quotas.  My business revolves around pampering women who do so, so much for their families.  Yup.  I love Posh…the question is, what will you do?  Use your strong work ethic to your advantage, and start a business…but I ask you, who wouldn’t want a samples like this?  To join my adventure, go to and click on JOIN.sample 1

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