Is the Instant Pot Your Friend?

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Yes, I’m in love.  My full life often means meal planning takes a back seat.  Meat gets pulled from the freezer and must be prepared before fully thawed.  Sigh.

I discovered a remedy for last-minute-poor-planning cooks.  Don’ let the term pressure cooker intimidate you.  Recipes abound.  The steps are easy peasy.

  1.  Plug it in.
  2.  Hit manual.
  3.  Add or reduce the minutes.
  4.  Walk away.

We grow a lot of sweet potatoes.  A lot.  I can cook sweet potatoes in a fraction of the time.  20 minutes and voila!  Place the clean sweet potatoes in your pot on a little platform.  We grow some real bruisers, so I often cut them in half.  Add a cup of water.  Apply the lid.  Shift the valve on top to the center, adjust the time for 20 minutes, and go!  When it beeps, switch the valve to the right to release steam.  When all is silent, lift the lid, letting steam escape away from you.

We love ours with butter.  I know, I know.  What can I say?  We love butter.  And brown sugar.  Did I mention that I can take a perfectly healthy item and turn it into forbidden fruit?  Sigh.Yum!

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