Amazing Grace

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Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.  I looked it up, and the fifth definition fit: mercy, clemency, pardon.  Synonyms: leniency, reprieve.  Antonym:  harshness.

Inseparably connected, religion and every one of the 13 definitions I found wove grace into the fabric of a Savior saving the fallen.  Our world strives for self-sufficiency, but as I age, I strive for the wisdom of accepting help.  Accepting help graciously.  And it helps me value the greatest gift of grace ever given.

As a soul needing saving, I appreciate this gift that keeps on giving, day in and day out, no matter my unworthiness.  Moreover, I appreciate the giver of the gift.  It sets a foundation from which I can give grace to myself and to others.  I’m not always good at it, but I try.  Some hurts require time to heal.  Some offenses on merit alone truly are unforgivable, but grace requires me to try.  I am a work in progress.  That is enough.



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