How to Remain Strong in Retirement

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An iconic image of strength in aging is Winston Churchill.  Long before The Darkest Hour, I admired his perseverance in the face of annihilation.  For that is what we face, is it not?  Personal annihilation as certain as life itself?

So many reduce themselves in these last years of aging to a resignation bordering on depression, not living with gusto right up to that last breath.  Not me!  I watched my parent’s generation retire and sit at home waiting to die.  I vowed at a tender age I would not go silently into the night–but burst across the finish line instead.

That is the essence of my starting this business with the advent of Medicare.  Old but not finished.  Tired but not that tired!  My business invigorates me, causes me to jump out of bed with purpose (sometimes at 3 am), but always with a mind full of things to do and a heart willing to do them.  Right now you can join me and receive this fabulous suitcase for our first adventure together.  Oh, yeah.  Posh travel is enjoyable, tax deductible, and an absolute riot!  I’d love to mentor you and work with you.  I don’t sell skincare, I sell an experience only Posh offers.  Pampering for me, pampering for you, pampering for everyone.  Yeah, that’s a strong statement.  Gotta’ love Posh!  Go to my site: and click on JOIN.  I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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