Top 5 Reasons why Direct Sales is the Best Retirement Income

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Do you have a side hustle?  Should you? 

I am a women that owns a business

According to Forbes, there are almost 28  million small businesses in the US, and over 22 million are single owners.  That’s a whole lotta’ people who may know something you don’t know….like why it’s the best retirement income on the planet.

  1. Name your own hours.  Huge!  We are beyond keeping employers’ schedules.  With direct sales you decide when to work.
  2. Choose your favorite field.  There isn’t a field in which something isn’t for sale.  These are easily marketable products, and it’s all up to you.  It’s your choice.
  3. Direct sales is built on a platform of mentoring.  You have years of life experience, a strong work ethic, and free time.  You are in a perfect position to help mentor another person to success.
  4. Many direct sales companies, mine at least, require no monthly minimums, no drop shipments, no stock purchases filling your garage.  Your free replicated site is the perfect pass key for selling without ever having a customer’s product in hand…unless you want to.  I prefer offering a lot of customer service.
  5. Brick and mortar stores are consolidating and closing.  Internet sales offer little or no customer support, and talking to someone who speaks your language without hitting a half dozen buttons deters a lot of shoppers.  Direct sales is the perfect blend.

If you’d like more information about my company, please leave a question.  If you’d like to join me in this adventure, where friendships and opportunities are limitless, go to my site and click on JOIN.  I will get to you with a quick start program and help you each step of the way.  But for goodness sake, start a small business!!!

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