An Attitude of Gratitude

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Bitterness is easy.  When life throws a curve ball, asking a simple question like, “Why?” derails peace and robs my soul of joy.  My husband likes to pound the steering wheel and demand an answer to that simple question.  Every.  Day.  And every day I make him stop.

I have to.  My heart simply can’t take it.  My own equilibrium requires me to focus on an equally simple but paradoxical answer:  Because.

  • Because my son died, my heart will ever need love to bandage its gaping hole, and for that I am grateful.  Love heals.
  • Because a fur ball my son wanted me to have is nestled beside me, I am grateful.  I can close my eyes and see Alma sprawled in a corner chair tickling the pup’s ears, saying, “I don’t think this is the puppy for you.  Maybe I should keep him.”  Ha! And I smile.
  • Because Alma still speaks in phrases we love to repeat, I am grateful.  When I drop a glass…”Wellll, that’s unfortunate!”  I smile as I blink back my tears.
  • Because his children fill our lives with purpose and giggles and hugs, I am grateful.
  • Because our family is drawn closer than ever, I am grateful.  Family is such a blessing.

Why?  Because an attitude of gratitude helps me smile.

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