Are You Heart Healthy, Skin Healthy?

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Heart healthy.  What comes to your mind?  Diet and exercise, of course.  Increasingly however, Americans are taking supplements to ward off heart disease.  One of the superheroes in this dialogue is a relatively new compound: CoQ10.  The literature abounds with conflicting reports on this miraculous antioxidant.  Dividing the huckters from the naysayers, I find truth in moderate research conclusions.  Truth: It serves as a valuable adjunct with those taking statin drugs.  Also true–research trials remain inconclusive in its benefits for other conditions.

But do I take it?  Oh yes.  Internally and externally.

You see, I found another startling truth.  Interestingly, CoQ10 also boosts production of collagen and elastin, a bonanza in skin care.  Here’s the salient point: the molecule is tiny enough to be directly absorbed through the skin!  Prize for the Eyes contains CoQ10 as its hero ingredient, so dabbing it around your eyes means you are feeding targeted cells at their most basic level.

This product is lightweight and creamy, never feels greasy, and is a perfect complement in your daily regimen.  Apply it under your moisturizer for optimal results.

prize for the eyes

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