How to Survive the 4:30 Panic

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Do you work at home?  Do you work outside the home?  I think this comprises 100% of all women.  Either way, you do eat, right?  At least your family eats?  4:30 rolls around everyday.  Every. Single. Day.  And this question ignites an inferno of panic every day as well.  “What’s for dinner?” Trying to answer the question in light of the following stats invokes a degree of concern.

  • Women do 80% of the cooking in the home.
  • Only 50% of American families eat supper together.
  • 34% of the time families are eating fast food.

Why bother trying?  We do the cooking, yet more and more of the time our fragmented families eat junk food at least a room away.  But these aren’t the only statistics I want you to contemplate.  People who eat as a family are 59% less likely to smoke cigarettes, 57% less likely to drink alcohol, and 60% less likely to smoke marijuana.  So who are we benefiting by figuring out a way to handle family dinner?  Our children, of course.  Trust me, it’s worth it.  I have a cure for the panic:  Supper Swapping.

Supper swapping is just what it you think it is.  Prepare one main dish in bulk.  Multiply ingredients by 3 or 4 and use disposable foil pans from the dollar store.  Keep one meal.  Deliver the rest to other families in your swap group.  Dinner is served.  All week long.

Try to form a group at church, a mom’s group, or in your neighborhood, somewhat's for supperwhere you already have connections and see partners on a regular basis.  Look for people who share your same food allergies or preferences.  I looked at the whole freezer meal phenomenon when it peaked and thought, “Ugh.  One week of kitchen hell and I have to find shelf space in the freezer and remember to take it out.  I don’t think so.”  But this is easier.  I can do this.  Who’s with me on this?

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