Let’s Be Real…Erasing the Ravages of Time

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Lots of companies these days peddle miracle cures for time’s relentless parade across our faces.  Forgive me, but I’m not buying it.

never grow up


Sun damage plagues me because I grew up in an era when girls smeared themselves with sun tan lotion to prevent burning, and it ended up looking like a fish fry at the pool.  Never a sun worshiper, my fair skin nevertheless endured endless sunburns.

Let’s face it.  Age is a good thing.  Instead of mourning my lost youth, I choose to celebrate life.  Assign new meanings to my wrinkles, cherish the memories of each laugh line.


I believe in and sell skin care, because a cleanser, mask, and moisturizer give me a healthy, glowing complexion.  But I don’t believe any of my products–or yours–are going to erase time from the portrait of my face.  And that’s okay.  I am quirky.  I hope I’m wise.  I am old.  I forget things sometimes.  I accept help.

This duo is one I recommend in facial care.  For fighting free radicals, moisturizing and brightening your face, use Never Grow Up morning and night.  Both the serum and cream.  Ha!  I sell it!  You can find it at www.madaboutposh.com  Click on COLLECTIONS, LOOK NATURAL.  That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

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