Coping with Loss

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This fragile gift we call life ebbs and flows, based less on what we do, and more on what we are, the essence we call our souls.  I was humbled and honored to spend precious nights with a young friend as she lay dying.

Each 24-hour segment of time brought more physical weakness, less control over the present or the future.  It also brought an ever increasing depth of peace and rest in the Father’s gentle Spirit.  A growing menace threatened to herniate into her spinal column, and so she balanced precariously on life in two separate realms.  Ever sweet and full of grace, she lay with never a complaint and a heart full of thanksgiving.  And when I awakened her for her 2:30 am medication, she enjoyed with gusto the fragrance and the massage and repositioning that afforded her more rest.  Every night, every single night she breathed in a luscious scent, and every night, every single night she commented how much she loved it.  I’ll remember her lovely music and her gentle smile, but most of all, I want to remember her gentle spirit.

No matter how fragile or tenuous a grip on life, we each have a daily opportunity to live with grace and gusto.  Rest in peace, Sarah Saylor.  You will be missed.

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