Let Me Be Your Cheerleader

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You face challenges that make you feel small.  You fight personal battles and demons no one recognizes.  You struggle to make ends meet.

I know that, because I am like you.  I look into women’s souls each day through their sad or worried or haggard eyes, and these are the words I long to say: ” You are enough.  You are doing spectacular things.  Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come.  It’s okay.”

But these are the words I want to say.  Not the words I always feel free to say.  There is one place where I can say all those words, where I can cheer on other women, celebrate their successes, urge them to conquer their fears…it is in my business.  My business is my platform for blessing other women.

My company of more than 140 women may be the most celebrated women in America, because I have the extraordinary privilege of being their cheerleader.  I love this aspect of my business.  I mean, I love it.  And I’d love to cheer you on as well.  Join me!  Whether you want to purchase skin care products at 20% off, or whether you want a paycheck, it’s the sisterhood of Posh that fuels my passion for my business.  It is truly like no other sisterhood.  Let me celebrate you!  Don’t you need a cheerleader?  Go to www.madaboutposh.com and click on JOIN.  I will contact you, help you, and be your advocate, your cheerleader, your mentor.  It would be my privilege.

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