Grace Notes

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What happens when the Sisters get together the day before vacay?  I forget to download boarding passes.  That’s what happens.  Eeek!  A full gate greeted us at the airport, and we held really bad boarding numbers.  Nail biting ensued.  We wanted to sit together.  We each had carry on luggage.  My innate capacity to worry set in with a vengeance.  Yikes!  This could be bad.  Really, really bad.


But a Hand has overseen us in the last few weeks, a gracious and loving Hand.  Our ever wise and wonderful #1 son had an experience confirming that Alma’s death was not an accident.  God, the mind and the hand ruling the universe, called him home.  And He anticipated this event long ago.  It was planned.  No detail was left to chance.



From Alma’s last gift of a puppy to snuggle when my heart felt broken to a free trip to Paris unknowingly booked for a timely month after the fateful demarcation of life before Alma and life after Alma, grace notes continually fall to sweeten these bitter days.  And yes, we got to sit together.  And yes, there was plenty of room in this very full flight to stow our carry on luggage.  These grace notes fail to heal the hole in our hearts, but they do soften the blow.  We actually laughed together on the plane, something we hadn’t done in the last month, and we both sensed Alma was laughing with us at the little joke we made.

So, gentle Brothers - retouchedreaders, take heart.  The loose ends, messy details, inconveniences and sorrows in your lives are not unnoticed by a gracious and loving God.  In the most desperate of times He still engineers your comfort and your sustenance.

My father died about 40 years ago.  My mother died about 30 years ago.  My only sibling died about 15 years ago.  My only family numbers four–Bill and the boys, so family became a very precious commodity for me.  These handsome boys long filled a void in my life, and it seems unreasonable to expect them each to pick up the missing third of my heart…perhaps I need to learn how to let God do that.  More grace notes definitely needed!

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