When Yarn Runs Amok

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Gentle reader, I know you crave my unsolicited advice, so I’m going to bless you with the tip of all tips.  Is it the secret to making money?  No, it’s bigger.  Is it the secret to a rich and fuller life?  Bigger.  “What could possibly be bigger,” you ask?  Listen up!  In time buds of promise will enter your life.  This begins many seasons of celebration and gifting, but under no circumstances should you make a quilt for this bundle of joy AND knit a baby afghan as well.  Seven grandchildren later the tale unfolds to yet another chapter.

Never, no never, make a big boy quilt and a big boy afghan when the first grandchild graduates to his big boy bed.  Yarn runs amok at our house because I failed to recognize the error of my ways.  These older children’s adult-sized afghans require a lot more yarn, and their afghans take up to a year of sporadic effort.  In the midst of each one eight or nine gnarled skeins require laborious unknotting, accompanied by the gnashing of teeth and a great deal of moaning.  And when you delight in a rascally puppy who loves to play with yarn, well, I think you are right now imagining the ensuing chaos.

Yes, yarn runs amok at our house.  Again.  Afghan #8 is almost finished, and I am not, I repeat, NOT starting wedding afghans.   I adore my grandchildren, but at long last I admit to the error of my ways.  My next afghan remains undetermined.  It just might be for Bill and I to snuggle under on movie night.

Oh, dear.  Perhaps yarn is destined to run amok at the Rhoads house.  I see symptoms of the madness in future tense in my brain.  Help!

yarn and knitting needles
It looks so innocent. Be warned! Yarn takes on a life of its own and runs amok without the slightest warning.



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