Too Many Hats

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Mother’s Day looms before us, and I’ve got you covered!  Posh pampering is the perfect gift for your sweet mama.  Let me tell you why:

  • Shea butter and cocoa butter make our creamy body butters sinfully decadent for dry, parched skin.
  • Sustainable palm oil gives our chunks that great cleaning action a mom’s hands need fifty times a day.
  • Essential oils create a delightful lasting aroma in all Posh products.  From Never Grow Up face cream to a Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream, your mom will love Posh.
  • Magnesium salts make our bath products second to none.  A tired mom always appreciates a good soak!

Moms today carry more responsibilities than the highest paid CEO, but remain the most under-appreciated, under-compensated and unrecognized heroes in America.  Feminism labored to give women equal rights, but in the process denigrated many a woman’s most basic calling, that of motherhood.  Moms run errands, fix meals, do the laundry, clean the home, comfort boo boos, train the next generation, run side businesses, serve the community, take care of elderly parents, and often work full time at a paying job.  Every mom secretly wears a cape and magical bracelets and way too many hats.  Go to my site: and order your mom some sweet pampering today!

Mother's Day

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