The Naked Face

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Surface.  The skin’s surface memorializes a remarkable tale of our life’s adventures in laugh lines, worry furrows and a myriad of “imperfections.”  Spending two weeks in Paris, a city where the surface, the presentation is everything, prompted some introspection,

Everything from food to fashion to architecture in Paris is all about presentation.  Grand on a scale beyond measure, the superficial assumes gigantic proportions.  The number of cathedrals and all their grandeur remains masked in looking at the everyday culture.  Yet what I loved most about Paris was all that lay underneath and less noticeable.  Subtle seasonings, marble slabs, triangular street corners and the shape of things.

Life is more about what goes on at the cellular level than what we create as a portrait on the surface.  Keeping it basic and sustaining health, just being real is something I love about Posh.  Skincare is basic.  Cosmetics are surface, illusory, all about presentation.  The building blocks of healthy skin include a good facial cleanser, a mask for detoxing, moisturizer.  I’ve got you covered!  If you wish to consider the anti-aging products, we have them.  But all of Posh is about the naked face.  We believe in wearing good skin, being the healthiest and most vibrant you possible.  Personally, I use our anti-aging products because I love them, but I also love tracing the journey of my life across my face.  It’s okay to be 67.  You can find these amazing products on my site at and click on LOOK NATURAL.

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