MerMagic…or in other words, lighten up!

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mermaid.JPGThe new Posh line tantalizes my senses and my imagination.  Mermaids!  Shimmer and glimmer.  All things cool and bubbly.  Actually, I never wanted to be a mermaid.  After all, I can’t swim.  I know.  I took swim lessons many a summer, but always dropped out when I got sunburned.  I excel at holding onto the side and kicking.

That doesn’t stop me from being a Posh mermaid, though!  A sparkling face wash, a shimmery scrub–wowsers!  Here’s the thing.  We take life too seriously.  We need to lighten up.  Posh keeps me smiling while offering me the best skin care on the market.

Intentionally smile today.  Tell a joke.  Put a grin on a post-it note memo.  Skim right through those Facebook texts screaming about the next scandal, and post instead something that edifies.  The mood in America fluctuates between gloom and volatility, and you never know what will spark the next hullabaloo.

It’s up to you.  It’s up to me.  Intentionally lighten the discourse and the burdens of those around you.  In turn, you’ll feel a lightening in your own soul.  I may be just one person, but I will be one person who lightens my own little corner of the world.  I just happen to do it with style and glimmery Posh.  Want some?  Go to  mermagic

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