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Scraping the debris of life requires concentrated effort.  Sure, I can sail along ignoring issues for a long time, but eventually life looses its fizz and feels flat.  Anxiety mounts. Something feels wrong.  It takes a mental backhoe to dig down to the bedrock of hurts and issues too long ignored.

A daily scrub of introspection eliminates all that.  Yes, just taking time each day to look at my heart and mind circumspectly, leaning against a heavenly measuring stick, keeps my soul squeaky clean.  I like to add some Bible; I’m a huge fan of the Psalms.  The trick lies in finding time.  I am seldom alone, and all these people in and out of the house insist on talking to me!  When the boys were growing up I often hid in the bathroom.  Now that I’m old I pretend I’m napping.  Sometimes it works, but don’t tell them.

I love a scrub in my shower as well.  Posh does scrubs really well.  Eco-beads, bits of loofah, seeds…all kinds of organic action work together to exfoliate and cleanse.  I get those annoying little bumps on my skin–keratosis pilaris if you want the medical term.  A Snarky Bar eliminates them.  Try one.  You’ll thank me later.


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