The Ivy and the Stripper

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Many good things come in three’s.  The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Faith, hope and charity.  Bacon, eggs and salsa.  OK, I may have lost you on that one.  But do you want to know what doesn’t get better in three’s?  Leaves.

Yup.  Poison ivy season peeps out in corners of my yard, and threatens to take over the world.  I know people who claim they start sprouting blisters just seeing it, breathing it, being near it.  Few people are immune to the ivy warrior marching forward into battle, threatening everyone who crosses its path.  With eight grandchildren playing outside, I can either purchase stock in Calydryl, feed them Benadryl like candy, or treat it with a Posh wonder…the Stripper.  The boys like it because it feels like wearing camo.  The girls like it because I put it on them and talk about frosting cakes.

This charcoal body mud has become the Rhoads’ first line of defense against the green marauder.  Let me say this for you new readers, a fact I love to offer:  Remember, charcoal can pull up to 2000 times its weight of impurities out of your skin.  Just visualize that ooey-gooey nasty ivy toxicity being sucked into oblivion, contained from spreading.  Win the Ivy Wars!  If you can’t decimate its presence in your yard, use the Stripper to control its advance across a loved one’s precious little arms and legs.  You can find it on my site:  Click on COLLECTIONS, click on BODY MUD.


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