The New Normal Can Be Fun

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Winter eclipsed into summer leaving scorching temperatures in its wake.  In despair we gave up on spring.  We mourned the loss of spring.  Then out of the blue, cooler spring-like weather blew in.  I should be overjoyed.  Yet now I sit on the deck shivering, while indomitable little people insist it’s not too cold to swim, and they must be watched, ergo I shiver.  Mother Nature’s vagaries play havoc with my life, and in the midst of it all, I love watching little people savor every last drop of joy in the process.

Changes large and small now define us.  It used to just be the fluctuating stock market or roiling issues in the Mideast that epitomized our lives in flux.  Not so anymore.  Change itself has become the norm.  Ann Dalton, our Posh guru, recently told us regarding challenges and change in the marketplace, “This is the new normal.  Get used to it.”

When you look at your finances, your place of employment, your bank balance, your portfolio, do you feel secure?  Any individual, be it a CEO or a janitor, exercises a mere dab of control over his or her own income/destiny these days.  A side hustle is one small thing you can control.  Choose something you like, something you’ll enjoy.  Dive in.  Allocate resources of time, energy, a small startup monetary investment…you choose.  Your dime, your future.  You be the change and define yourself.  For example, everyone sells skincare these days, but I market the magic in making it fun.  I chose a logo that looked like fun.  Yeah, I sell fun.  Having fun as I grow old is my new norm.  What’s yours?

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