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Posh releases new summer products this week and I’m all agog in anticipation.  Then That’s when it it hit me!  An epiphany!  I suddenly realized why I find myself disenchanted with every news channel and broadcast on the .  They all need to take a page from the Posh playbook.

You see, every broadcast and news channel is just same-o, same-o stuff.  Russian hijinks, North Korean temper tantrums, Donaldisms, Mideast rumblings.  Nothing ever really changes.  Retitle it The Days of Our Lives and it makes more sense.  Current news, aka soap operas, bore me.  They bore me silly.

People!  The news is supposed to be new!!  As a public service, I offer you some real news instead:

Posh Announces Release of New Products June 1st

  • A new skin cleansing and super hydrating chunk
  • A new and much-loved scent in a Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme
  • A much-loved return of a body butter
  • A calming scrub
  • A specialty product for your face
  • A second specialty product for your faceoption 2

The release airs June first.  Pictures to follow.  Get ready for some real news that brings smiles to the faces of those you love.  Who doesn’t love great skincare with luscious scents at affordable prices?  Really?  You can find them by visiting my site,and let me assure you, I love pampering my customers!  There’s some news for ya’!

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