Are We Funny, Quirky, or Obsessed?

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Isn’t it funny what sticks and what doesn’t?  A little minion at our house absolutely adores Monk.  No day is complete without an episode, or two if at all possible.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  We love that time of day.  Snuggling, laughing together.  And we enjoy our shared jokes, citing Monkisms in the pool, driving to town, doing chores.  Yes, she is obsessed with Monk.

Yet the obsession begins and ends outside the realm of personal tidiness.  Her penmanship?  Not Monkish at all.  Cleaning?  Nope.  Dust bunnies and spider webs never call her name.  Personal hygiene?  Not so much.  We have yet to find a toothbrush she wants to employ.

We each pick and choose where we place our focus, what we adore, what we very conveniently overlook.  I love recipes and meal planning–but I never measure ingredients.  I mean, how important can that be?  I choose what matters to me.  I bet you’re the same way.  Do your little obsessions make you quirky or annoying as all get out?

I believe that quirkiness makes us human, not as a species, but as individuals.  A dog at our house is quirky as all get out too, but while he considers himself human, we rarely inform him otherwise.  No, it makes us human as in flawed, less than perfect, slightly crazy in a good way, as long as we deem our obsessions healthy and productive.

My family thinks I obsess over Posh.  Hmm…I do love Posh.  I am obsessed with the packaging, the quirky product names, its effects on my skin.  It’s also my bread and butter…take that back.  As a side hustle, it serves more as my barbecue sauce.  It seasons and makes our lives richer and more palatable, adding spice to my days.  Is it productive?  Yes, we discovered a little too late this well known fact: You cannot survive on Social Security.  Posh income adds an important contribution to our financial well being. So, yes, I guess I am obsessed with Posh in a good way.  It’s a blessing and a curse.

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