What can Boomers Learn from Road Work?

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A crumbling infrastructure lies dotted with askew orange cones and mounds of dirt.  Evidence of badly needed repair starkly reminds us that patience and unavoidable delays exist as part of travel.  Because I like to go places, I usually curl up with my book or drag out my knitting and endure it, but today I reached for my ever-handy pad of paper and a pencil, feeling thoughtful.  My husband/chauffeur cranes his head out the window to figure out the delay and pounds the wheel a time or two before he accepts the inevitable.  And it leaves me wondering: in our life’s journeys, what kind of restructuring takes place and how do we respond?

Many of us find the well-worn paths in our lives need resurfacing as unfolding seasons and new challenges signal us to slow down.  Ponder these changes.  Participate in the process.  Staid patterns require chipping out the concrete of being set in our ways. Cherish the memories but let go of the past. God’s graders level out imbalances where we let pleasure absorb time meant for reflection.  Adjust with more time in the Word.  Too often we allow ourselves to get rutted in paths of least resistance. Re-examine assumptions, set goals, remove from the calendar everything extraneous.  Pot holes of doubt now make travel through dark times more difficult.  Add more prayer time to the daily routine.  We need those orange cones of humility to remind us we remain a work in progress.

The mandate before us is to participate in the demolition.  Live with patience.  Accept change gracefully.  Remember we may feel 45, but the mirror unfolds the truth.  As we age our daily lives need resurfacing in accordance with allocated days and dwindling energy, so we can focus on things that matter.  We need to pour out from our lives the stories, testimonies, wisdom and faith that leave a blessing for our children and fellow travelers in their own journeys.  We either embrace the process or time marches forward without us.  Period.

The cars before us now zoom forward and I lay my pencil down, but with a resolve to increase my daily Scripture reading, set goals, adjust my activities, pray more often, and write down stories for my children.  How will you participate in the process?

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