How to Knock the Ball out of the Park

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Steamy evenings with no shade and bleachers full of families; yes, Little League season has arrived.  Knuckle biting begins with the first painful swing with a miss.  The grip on the bat tightens.  The next mighty swing cuts through the air with gusto bordering on despair.  Strike two.  Coaches begin their litany:  “Relax.  You don’t have to hit it out of the park.  Just keep your eye on the ball.  Just connect.”  When that ball gets whacked the crowd lets out a mighty roar.  A home run often occurs due to the lack of fielding, but we cheer as if Casey himself wielded the bat.

As we get older, knocking the ball out of the park gets a little harder.  The competition improves.  No one sits in the bleachers cheering for us.  In the ball game of life, we flounder without a coach, clear cut baselines and umps to call foul play when fate deals us an unfair blow.  Instinctively, we try harder, harder.  Tension mounts.  Try harder.  Try harder.  And what would the Coach say?  “Peace, be still.  Wait on me.”

You may laugh, but I finally learned this lesson through Posh.  Instinctively, I’m a try-harder-kind-of-gal, a make-it-happen-if-I-die-trying-kind-of-gal.  But Posh isn’t like that.  Posh gives me out of the park products.  All I have to do is relax.  Offer samples.  Let the product sell itself.  The products themselves whisper the same refrain, like this self tanner.  Excellent product.  Put it on and wait for the results.  Be patient.  The blessing comes.

Posh grace notes transfer over into other parts of my life as well.  Relax.  Wait.  Just connect with the blessing. Be humble and patient.  Yes, who’d have thunk it?  Sometimes life’s lessons smell good and look good, too!  Posh and Little League.  That’s my summer.

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