Finding Your Roots

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studiesI found my passion for writing in high school when I was required to keep a writing journal in English class. I wanted to be the next Erma Bombeck, but I found, to my dismay, I’m just not that funny. What I did find was an intense passion for words, paper, pencils, and memoirs. A lifestyle blog brings me full circle to my roots, when I courted words and collected quotes, and now share them with the great void of the internet.

Life propels us on a journey in which we visit many a foreign country. Some jobs definitely cause that sense of where am I going and force us to reconsider choices made. Each country visited, though, develops within us new skill sets, new perspectives. I loved nursing with a passion, but it was always the people, not the job. I have been a serial entrepreneur much of my life, first in freelance writing, then in beads, selling travel, selling self-care products. Each venture was exciting, daring to strike out on my own and loving the travel to new endeavors. I learned about stock and inventory, about bookkeeping, about meeting the needs of clients. But in this season of my life I am writing once again. It’s time to return to my roots.

Roots keep us tethered to reality. We all know pie-in-the-sky cloud people who live in the stratosphere. Usually they are managers. And we all know floaters who drift through life following the path of least resistance. Usually they are unhappy or wistful dreamers. I am writing to the ones who relish life with a carpe diem mentality, who find zest in what they love. Too much of the world mimics the next big trend, copies styles, and blends into the crowd. Roots require authenticity. Roots require me to be just who I am. No more. No less.

Dig deeply under a plant, and you find the vascular system of a growing entity. In my personal endeavor to rekindle my writing career, I am traveling to Dallas for a book fair, and working on my fourth novel. Writing conferences hone my craft. I am freelancing once again, and loving it. Each of my writing endeavors connects the facets of my writing career, past to present. Like tendrils of sentient tissue, my roots are extending and strengthening my resolve.bookmark4

I want to encourage you, gentle reader, to be true to yourself. If you find yourself in a dead end job you hate, make a change. If you buried a passion, resurrect it. Find your roots and explore them, strengthen them. Enjoy being you. Me? I love a cup of tea and my paper and pencil. I like to start each day with words.

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