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Letting go is never easy. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or a business decision ending something you’ve loved, it’s never easy.chrysalis

It’s time to renew and thus review the cost of my website. I’ve deliberated long over this issue. When I first started this series of conversations, the blogs hurdled all over the landscape, from product reviews to recipes to business. When Alma died, it served as a catharsis, letting me pour out my heart in a safe way. When I decided to make writing my retirement business, it was a springboard to hone my skills. What is it now?

That’s the question I’ve pondered for two weeks. Slowly, a new thought is taking shape in my mind: This blog, as much as I’ve loved it, is now the chrysalis that once nurtured me. My current trajectory is away from the form that shaped me and held me until I was ready to vacate the premises. Once the metamorphosis is complete, does the butterfly ever revisit its former sanctuary?

I think it’s time for me to let this blog go. Entrepreneur describes the stages of business metamorphosis and I found it enlightening. Look at your life’s work and see where you are in the spectrum of evolving beyond what you first conceived it to be into an unanticipated blessing. That’s the goal for each of us: taking us from here to there with all the grace we can muster, with all the gusto we can pour into the transformation.

In the process of deliberation, I thought of my friends. Thank you each, who have read my blogs and encouraged me. You’ll still see me in other venues and I, as ever, welcome your feedback. Without your support I would still be inside the chrysalis, rather than flying free.


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