The Sun is Not Your Friend

How did we slide from shiver to sizzle so quickly?  We left for Paris with snow in the forecast and came home to a sauna.  Spring simply failed to show up.

This weekend we sweltered through five soccer games.  It occurred to me, part way through Saturday, that I own a business with sun block in the moisturizer…and guess who forgot to put it on?  You know, it only works when it’s on the skin.  I learn that lesson again every year, never expecting it to be hot so soon.  I’m a slow learner.

block it.JPG

The bottom line is really very simple: the sun is not your friend.  I know gals love that glistening golden look, but there’s more than one way to get that glow.  Fake it Till You Make It, applied regularly, creates the look safely.

No one thinks melanoma lurks in their future, except me, of course.  I grew up in an age when everyone slathered on sun tan lotion and headed to the pool for the day.  It was like frying chicken on concrete.  I suffered through at least one doozy of a sunburn every year, often two or three.  One year I had blisters on top of blisters, and the doctor wanted to hospitalize me.  I obviously get checked for skin cancer on a regular basis.

But other women, the ones who don’t think they will ever be diagnosed with skin cancer, need to take the threat seriously.  Men have the highest incidence of melanoma as they age, when those years of working out of doors begin to catch up with them.  In short, these two products are perfect for everyone this season of the year!



Quiet Earth Would Have Loved Posh

Now, no judging!  I freely admit we’re hooked on old Westerns.  They’re short.  There’s always a clear cut protagonist, with good versus evil blatantly discernible.  We honestly don’t mind black and white television.  At the inception of our nation we were blessed with colorful moral giants like Washington and Madison.  Now heroes pale in comparison.  Our world seems turned inside out.quiet earth

And watching them, I can’t help but notice how spoiled we are as a nation, how spoiled I am.  My grandparents and great grandparents all lived simple lives.  And me?  I live amid time-saving gadgets galore, with more furniture and comfort than any generation before me.  Do I appreciate it or take it for granted?  You know, since I happen to be writing this piece, that I favor counting my blessings.  I love our comparatively simple home, deficient closets and pea-sized kitchen notwithstanding.  But I’m a simple person.  I mean, I go bananas over all the new Posh.

I’m addicted to the colorful packaging, the delightful scents, the cute verbiage.  The re-emergence of the Beach Blanket BFYHC is something the Posh girls campaigned for, because we love that coco-nutty scent.  The new snarky, packed with bits of loofah, tickles my fancy.  And the new scrub!  I’m in heaven!

My mom loved to tell the story of me running through the house, clamoring to see “Quiet Earth.”  No one knew what I was talking about, until Hugh O’Brien appeared on the screen one day.  Yeah, I love simpler times, and I love the idea of simplicity…but I live in the 21st century, and I need my Posh!  You know what?  Quiet Earth was something of a ladies’ man, and I think he’d have liked it too!  You can find it on my site.  Go to and click on hand creme.

beach blanket

How Men do Skincare

pexels-photo-912473.jpegMy husband always considered Posh a “ladies” thing.  That is, until he ran into trouble with his soap.  His trusted brand, which shall remain nameless, though it starts with an I, started causing his skin to itch.

“Do you have any manly Posh?” he asked one day.  I smiled.  I tried to hide it, but it remains true.  I smiled.

“Why, yes I do.”  I offered him a chunk.  Women tend to obsess over skincare, but men are becoming a larger segment of the market every year.  The chunk is a huge bar of soap, so it fills his hand and feels manly.  (I like to cut mine in half, 10 seconds on each side in the microwave, cut with a sharp knife.)  He didn’t exactly kneel before me with a flower in Hawaii when he used it, but close…he loved it!

The Shea butter and sustainable palm oil base keeps his skin hydrated.  Most importantly, the dyes in many commercial products affected him, causing eczema-like symptoms, but not Posh!  He now relies on Posh for all his showering needs.

Finding a good soap isn’t all that easy.  Aside from scent and ingredient issues. an underlying environmental issue demands attention.  Palm oil is all too often harvested by deforestation, leaving erosion and decimating an already endangered biosphere.  By using only sustainable palm oil, Posh cements its commitment to protecting our environment, just as the naturally-based ingredients protect your skin.  Posh is a company I can get behind!  Want some?  Visit my site at and click on COLLECTIONS.  Thank you for reading my blog!