What is a Blog?

Blogging.  I am conflicted about the whole concept of blogging.  On the one hand, it seems like the ultimate self-adulation in a world drunk with selfies.  What possible insight does one lonely blogger offer a society stuffed with too much useless information?  Google any topic and you’ll find a plethora of quotes and articles, and probably spend hours sifting through it all.  Adding to the reams of cacophony seems pointless.  On the other hand, the impulse to write burns within me.

I write for myself.  I write for my business, because I love what I do.  I write because words carry innate power within themselves.  Words sear.  Convict.  Touch.  Hurt.  Heal.  They pose as insignificant chicken scratches, but don’t be fooled.

Oh no, my friend.  Words aren’t just mightier than the sword.  They infuse life and motive into the swing of the sword.  Sentient within the universe lies a Being I call God.  He created words and imparted Himself, His essence into words, leaving them open to the heart and mind of the person who uses them, be it a good heart or an evil heart.

I take these words I pen very seriously.  And so should you.  Because once you read them, the voice in your mind forever retains them, truth and untruth.  My friends, I am honored you read my words.  I promise to write strong words, edifying words, words worthy of your time.


Wonder Woman

Empowering Women (and men)

Tip Tuesday is a common theme in Perfectly Posh.  We spend a lot of time helping each other figure out better ways to run our businesses.  Unlike corporate America, where people claw their way to the top, brown nose, vie to get attention and steal the credit whenever they can, Posh pits you only against yourself.  Requirements for advancement are clearly laid out and there’s no glass ceiling, no limit to how many can succeed.  We can all succeed.  Every business owner gauges her own successes, maps out her own path, and competes only against herself.

I like cooperation.  I thrive in a sisterhood of friendship and mutual support.  And in that spirit of support, I decided to offer you my top five tips for being happy at 68.  I consider happiness a bar of success.

#5  Decide to try.  Engagement means exactly the same thing in business and in life as it means in romance.  Put the ring on and commit to your business, to your goals, to what makes you happy.

#4  Decide to smile.  Life’s vexing grievances are better swallowed with a cup of pleasure.  Seriously.  Show some teeth whether you feel like it or not.  I find that the smile ushers in the joy, not the other way around.

#3  Decide to train.  Yup.  Be a life learner.  Pick up new ideas.  Learn a new language.  Study a new topic.  Find a mentor.  In some way, every day, every single day, learn something new.  You’ll be happier sharpening your mind.

#2  Decide to serve others.  Simple, really, just serve people.  Make something easier for someone around you.  If you work with someone, help that person succeed with no sense of self interest, no hope for personal gain.  Just serve someone.

#1  Decide to be consistent.  Daily effort.  Ten minutes or two hours–you decide the amount of effort, but doing something daily to meet your personal goals elevates you in the standings of life.  That consistent effort yields satisfaction, which makes you happy.

Want to work with me?  I’m full of ideas, and I love sharing them with my team!  Go to http://www.madaboutposh.com and click on JOIN.  empower women.JPG


The Itty-Bitty Things

Ray Kroc, a founder of McDonalds, is credited with the phrase “getting the itty-bitty things right,” and establishing a school for flipping burgers.  It may be urban legend, but I like the concept.  Human nature takes its cue from a constantly degrading universe, and all too often, failure to set goals results in little failures in the things that matter most.  That ability to choose to do better and be better rests as the hallmark of being a human being.

Stated another way, “good enough never has been and never will be good enough.”  Perfectionism is not a trait anyone who knows me would ascribe as one of my personal qualities.  Nevertheless, in some things, I do set lofty goals for myself.

In business, not in housework.  In cooking, not in baking.  In service, not in play.  I believe I can be exceptional in the things that matter most without being consumed by the insane notion that I can be perfect in everything.  Be exceptional in the things that matter most to you.  Set priorities.  Give the things you care about a lion’s share of your attention and effort.  See a difference.

In a past season of my life I worked as an RN.  Professionalism became a byword in our education and training.  It colored my everyday philosophy of life.  I wanted to be a professional mother.  A professional kind of writer.  A professional business owner.  And I plan on never retiring from that!  Getting the itty-bitty things right, from customer service to working with colleagues forms the basis of my business creed. If this resonates with you, join me!  I’d love to work with you!  Yes, I’ll be 69 this year, but I can use that life experience to leverage myself into a better life situation.  So can you.

join me 2

The Fabric of Life

It used to be the norm.  Multi-generational families were common, and still are in other countries, especially in Europe.  In America we got away from that dynamic and our culture shifted into rugged independence rather than being inter-connected.  We accepted teenage rebellion as a norm rather than the disease it truly became, a harbinger of separation and distrust.

Along the way we lost something, something really valuable.  Grandparents pass down family history and mores.  They reinforce parental values.  Blending fosters emotional health and purpose for the grandparents, while it creates a cocoon of support for the littles.  My own life was enriched by a grandmother who taught me to knit, by in-laws who taught me frugality, by a mother who taught me perseverance.  Parents scurrying off to work and then trying to keep a household running in the evening can’t squeeze it all in between supper and bedtime.  Turn to grandparents to fill that missing link.

Owning a business is a great way to keep the fabric intact.  Many grandparents babysit, but I suggest turning part of that time into a purposeful, multi-generational endeavor. Littles can help, developing a work ethic as they enjoy time together.  Seniors on fixed incomes benefit from all the perks of a side hustle.  Of course, I sell Posh–but choose something that fuels your passion.  Turn a hobby into income, or join a direct sales network with all the support built into it.  The wide world beckons you.  Beckon a little to be part of your venture!  Everyone wins.  (If you wish to join me, go to http://www.madaboutposh.com and click on JOIN.  I will contact you asap!)

Good Vibes Conquer Fear

I have to admit.  I was sort of creeped out.  SO much water.  I felt it taking the subway to Brookyn to eat at St Anselm’s, just knowing water was pressing in from all sides.  This was a thousand times more.  Looking out the window was easy.  Clouds and more clouds.  But looking at the screen that very clearly showed the plane over nothing but water for as far as the eye could see, well, it creeped me out.

I know.  I’ve been preaching out drinking water, about the positive effects of water in the body, but here’s the thing.  I like it in my product and I like it in my tummy, not floating under me.  And I noticed that the only two flotation devices were situated at the far ends of the plane  Here I was sitting plumb in the middle.  In case of an emergency, both slippery little rafts would be full long before I got to the door.

Here’s the thing about fear.  You control it, not the other way around.  So here I am, writing notes for Leadership Camp, working on my blog, eyes off the screen, ignoring the turbulence.  I find it’s the same all through life.  Taking a risk, starting a business.  You control life, not the other way around.  Feel free to join me.  It’s a thrill a minute around here, 35,000 feet in the air.

good vibes
Go to http://www.madaboutposh.com and click on JOIN. I’ll be your friend every step of the way.

Let Me Be Your Cheerleader

You face challenges that make you feel small.  You fight personal battles and demons no one recognizes.  You struggle to make ends meet.

I know that, because I am like you.  I look into women’s souls each day through their sad or worried or haggard eyes, and these are the words I long to say: ” You are enough.  You are doing spectacular things.  Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come.  It’s okay.”

But these are the words I want to say.  Not the words I always feel free to say.  There is one place where I can say all those words, where I can cheer on other women, celebrate their successes, urge them to conquer their fears…it is in my business.  My business is my platform for blessing other women.

My company of more than 140 women may be the most celebrated women in America, because I have the extraordinary privilege of being their cheerleader.  I love this aspect of my business.  I mean, I love it.  And I’d love to cheer you on as well.  Join me!  Whether you want to purchase skin care products at 20% off, or whether you want a paycheck, it’s the sisterhood of Posh that fuels my passion for my business.  It is truly like no other sisterhood.  Let me celebrate you!  Don’t you need a cheerleader?  Go to http://www.madaboutposh.com and click on JOIN.  I will contact you, help you, and be your advocate, your cheerleader, your mentor.  It would be my privilege.

Top 5 Reasons why Direct Sales is the Best Retirement Income

Do you have a side hustle?  Should you? 

I am a women that owns a business

According to Forbes, there are almost 28  million small businesses in the US, and over 22 million are single owners.  That’s a whole lotta’ people who may know something you don’t know….like why it’s the best retirement income on the planet.

  1. Name your own hours.  Huge!  We are beyond keeping employers’ schedules.  With direct sales you decide when to work.
  2. Choose your favorite field.  There isn’t a field in which something isn’t for sale.  These are easily marketable products, and it’s all up to you.  It’s your choice.
  3. Direct sales is built on a platform of mentoring.  You have years of life experience, a strong work ethic, and free time.  You are in a perfect position to help mentor another person to success.
  4. Many direct sales companies, mine at least, require no monthly minimums, no drop shipments, no stock purchases filling your garage.  Your free replicated site is the perfect pass key for selling without ever having a customer’s product in hand…unless you want to.  I prefer offering a lot of customer service.
  5. Brick and mortar stores are consolidating and closing.  Internet sales offer little or no customer support, and talking to someone who speaks your language without hitting a half dozen buttons deters a lot of shoppers.  Direct sales is the perfect blend.

If you’d like more information about my company, please leave a question.  If you’d like to join me in this adventure, where friendships and opportunities are limitless, go to my site and click on JOIN.  http://www.madaboutposh.com  I will get to you with a quick start program and help you each step of the way.  But for goodness sake, start a small business!!!

How to Remain Strong in Retirement

An iconic image of strength in aging is Winston Churchill.  Long before The Darkest Hour, I admired his perseverance in the face of annihilation.  For that is what we face, is it not?  Personal annihilation as certain as life itself?

So many reduce themselves in these last years of aging to a resignation bordering on depression, not living with gusto right up to that last breath.  Not me!  I watched my parent’s generation retire and sit at home waiting to die.  I vowed at a tender age I would not go silently into the night–but burst across the finish line instead.

That is the essence of my starting this business with the advent of Medicare.  Old but not finished.  Tired but not that tired!  My business invigorates me, causes me to jump out of bed with purpose (sometimes at 3 am), but always with a mind full of things to do and a heart willing to do them.  Right now you can join me and receive this fabulous suitcase for our first adventure together.  Oh, yeah.  Posh travel is enjoyable, tax deductible, and an absolute riot!  I’d love to mentor you and work with you.  I don’t sell skincare, I sell an experience only Posh offers.  Pampering for me, pampering for you, pampering for everyone.  Yeah, that’s a strong statement.  Gotta’ love Posh!  Go to my site: http://www.madaboutposh.com and click on JOIN.  I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

How to Become an Entrepreneur

Ever think about being your own boss?  I’m not saying everyone can take a frustrating job and shove it, striding away successful.  It takes grit, effort, and consistency to start and run a business.

am saying that 75% of all Americans, particularly those 40 and over, have that potential.  Ask yourself some questions:

  • Do you fold the laundry after it’s washed, or live out of a basket?
  • Do you clean your kitchen before going to bed, or leave the sink full of soapy water?
  • Do you like to make lists and more importantly, scratch things off your list?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above, you could be an entrepreneur!  Your next step requires looking at your options.  Are you a crafter?  Do you want to transfer product?  Do you want to provide a service? These three categories comprise most entrepreneurial ventures.

I like Posh because I get to share products I love.  The colorful packaging and trendy names make them desirable.  I never have to deal with auto ship bundles or monthly quotas.  My business revolves around pampering women who do so, so much for their families.  Yup.  I love Posh…the question is, what will you do?  Use your strong work ethic to your advantage, and start a business…but I ask you, who wouldn’t want a samples like this?  To join my adventure, go to http://www.madaboutposh.com and click on JOIN.sample 1

A Little Bit of Sass

Just a little sass. That’s what I tell people who ask me about the blue streak in my hair.  Take an aging man.  Describe him: silver fox, distinguished, yada, yada, yada.  Take an aging woman: hag, crone.  Get my point?

No wonder women fear and detest growing old.  Society has a way of just not seeing old women. I’m changing that in my own small way.  As baby boomers grow old, the population of those over 65 years of age will account for 22% of the total population.  I may not be alone in this!  I decided to let my hair go white; I also decided to add just a little hint of sass.

It suits me.  I like it.  Maybe that’s why I love Posh…because Posh is sassy too.  Being trendy and cutting edge makes it a great retirement business.  Look at product names and see if I am not right!

Yes, the old switch that whacked my legs for being sassy never cured me.  Sorry, mom.  My trek to the grave will no doubt be littered with sassy little thoughts and comments.  And I’m okay with that.

Living with gusto isn’t flaunting yourself…with age, with beauty, with sex, with blue hair.  Rather, it is embracing yourself.  Your quirky ways.  Your sense of humor.  Your whitening hair.  Your blue streak.  Wink, wink.  Visit my site at http://www.madaboutposh.com and click on JOIN.  I’d love to work with you, you sassy thing, you!