When Machines Fail You

Facebook.  I doubt any of us missed the picture of a rich boy sitting on a booster seat testifying on the Hill.  It makes me wonder how our words cam to be regulated by such a curious phenomenon.

We love it.  We hate it.  We find it a fact of life.  But what happens when Facebook suddenly stops printing your blog?  You turn to customer support, of course!  This is a test piece to see if we have fixed the problem.

How Long Does My Body Butter Last?

My littles love riddles.  Set five around a lunch table and get them started–you may find a few funny lines, but every little will laugh at every non-joke told.  The development of a sense of humor comes slowly.

Me?  I seldom remember a riddle.  This is the only riddle I know.  Honestly.  “When is a cook mean?’  Think a minute.  Pause.  Pause.

“When she cracks the eggs and whips the cream!”  Ha.  Ha.  I’ve know that, and only that riddle for 30+ years.

I share it now because it highlights one of my favorite Posh products, Fresh Creamy Milk body butter.  It’s whipped!  This Shea butter based butter soaks into my skin and makes it feel luxuriant.  The coconut oil is a gentle scent, not at all overbearing.

One tub lasts me about 8 months.  I know this because we release new lines every 6 months.  And my old product is never gone.  Never.  As eager as I am to try new things, it takes me about 2 or 3 extra months to make way for the luscious new scents.  So how long does your tub of body butter last?  You can find this on my site at http://www.madaboutposh.com  Click on COLLECTIONS, click on BODY.

An Antidote for Depression


Everyone feels sad sometimes, but there exists a level beyond sad.  I’m not talking about the normal feelings that accompany a tear-jerker movie, a friend’s bad news, or a loss.  Depression presents in many guises.  Clinical manifestations include fluctuations in weight, changes in sleep patterns, inability to concentrate, reports of fatigue, and noticeable changes in activity level.  Estimates place 15-20% of people over the age of 65 as depressed–staggering figures.

It comes as no surprise.  The neurotransmitters which keep the brain healthy get out of whack as a person ages.  A host of situations exacerbate the situation.  Isolation, poor eating habits, and a loss of purpose affect many.  It is true that low doses of medication can reverse this condition, but fear of complications and contraindications make choosing a pill an uneasy remedy.

One way to combat the problem lies in forming new associations.  Bridge, reading groups, and senior centers are traditional forms of socialization; but I’ve found a retirement business to be the best antidote.  It actually brings in needed income.  It gives purpose and excitement, it opens the door to a host of new friendships.  Millennials have trouble assimilating into the workplace, while seniors have a strong work ethic and are welcomed into the fold.

Perfectly Posh, has been a lifesaver for me.  I have a cadre of associates, daily Facebook interaction, and the exhilaration that comes with success.  Our QuickStart program is second to none, and no matter where you  live, I can mentor you.  Join me!  Check out the free website you receive by going to http://wwwmadaboutposh.com and if you’d like to join me, it’s easy peasy.  Just click on JOIN.  I’ll connect with you and we’ll be like two peas in a pod!

Who Spring Cleans Any More?

I can remember spring cleaning.  We lived in the country and we heated with wood.  Our house felt like a dust magnet.  We’d take a room, start with walls and windows, and clean ceiling to floor.  Marshaling the efforts of three sons, my role as task manager proved less arduous than you might expect.  Fast forward 30 years.  We still live in the country; we still heat with wood; silt still filters in.  Gradually spring cleaning evolved into spring highlights, and then devolved into spring touch-ups.  My house needs a professional who works on a tight budget!

Other cleaning started taking prominence.  Keeping heart and soul unencumbered and stain-free in these times of shifting moral sands took prominence over a spotless home and perfect blinds.  This inner scrubbing takes time.  Mindful self-examination.  Application of an immovable standard.  For me, daily time in Scripture took precedence over dusting and sweeping.  Self care now gets squeezed into an already busy life, and my poor home sometimes shows neglect.

But self care is what I do.  I own a pampering business, and it begins with me.  So one area of my life remains squeaky clean.  The Snarky bar has become my go-to for heel scrubbing, knee scrubbing, behind-the-knee scrubbing, elbow scrubbing…you get the picture.  Those little eco-beads and apricot seed powder, agave extract and prickly pear cactus, loaded with rich vitamins and Shea butter, and scented with luscious essential oils, makes this God’s gift for people who love a good scrub.  I do!  Don’t you?  Visit my site: http://www.madaboutposh.com and click on COLLECTIONS, click on SCRUBS.  You’ll thank me later.

Puppy Love

What a shame that the deep feelings we experience for a pet get marginalized by our vernacular.  Because as much as I hate his little messes and as many times as I almost trip over him while he waits to see where I’m walking…as much as all of that and more abides a deep love for my little buddy.  Nestled next to me much of the day, he provides companionship and unfiltered, unwavering devotion.  That’s a tough commodity to find in this world.

Understandably, many seniors are lonely.  We need two things: family and friends, and each are proven to be an indispensable part of good mental health.  It is true we lose siblings and friends one by one, that we lose some autonomy, and that we are aging in a youth-obsessed culture.  No wonder so many report feeling lonely and indeed, are often alone.  Having a pet changes the equation.Charlie

Charlie may be a mongrel.  A pest.  A shedding little pooper upon occasion, but he gives in return a love no one else on this planet is able to give.  A dog lives in a state of gusto.  He eats with gusto, plays with all of his energy, and loves with all of his heart.  He lives in a state of grace as well, forgiving me after long absences and expressed annoyance.

Aging people need a companion with a superhuman capacity for grace and gusto.  Thankfully, I have Charlie.

How to Protect Aging Skin

Oh, the indignity of age.  It conspires against us in so many ways, unseen ways.  Body composition changes as muscle shrinks and fat increases.  Many experience a decline of 5% p;er decade in BMR (basal metabolic rate), which results in weight gain and concomitant fluctuations in fat placement.  Skin loses some of its subcutaneous protection and breaks down more easily, resulting in bruising, skin slips or pressure sores.

Combat these changes by bathing every other day to enhance skin integrity.  Gently pat skin dry, rather than rubbing it with a towel.  Apply moisturizing lotions.  Posh body butters are ideal for the aging population.  Scented with essential oils, they feed not only the skin, but the sense of smell as well.  Each is based with either cocoa butter, Shea butter, or mango butter, all loaded with antioxidants to fight free radicals.  They go a long way, requiring about a teaspoon for each extremity.

Warm it in your hands on cold mornings, and apply some on the upper and some on the lower of each extremity, so less friction is required in spreading it over the skin surface. Good Hydrations is an in-shower lotion, loaded with coconut, macadamia, and argan oils.  It can be applied wet, and gently toweled off.   You can find these on my site:  http://www.madaboutposh.com  Click on COLLECTIONS, Posh Body.

Is it a Blessing or a Curse?

Electronics–a blessing or a curse?  When I find myself without my phone, even this hip old Nana becomes paralyzed, cut off from the world.  Beyond concern over where I left it and whether or not it is on silent mode, and will I EVER see it again, lies the realization of just how much the stupid smart phone intrudes on my life.

I run two online businesses.  I manage 4 Facebook pages.  Bill complains I spend all my time on the phone.  The irony hits home, because, actually, all my life I’ve hated talking on the phone.  Of course, technically, I’m not talking.  But it is true.  The limitless web dominates my leisure as well as my life.  What to do?  What to DO?

Learn to grasp it ever more tightly, lol.  My sense of gusto suggests strapping it to my person or inventing an alarm when it is set down…things probably already invented.  Thankfully, I have Bill, who reminds me about my phone when I start to leave without it, finds it when I’ve set it down, delivers my phone when I have actually forgotten it, and who puts up with my phone.

Grace suggests learning ways to use it more efficiently.  The E-card is one way I do that.  When a customer likes my product or wants to talk to me later about my business, I text her an E-card to reach me more easily.  But what grace really suggests is putting the stupid smartphone in its proper place.  People over phone.  Or more correctly, Bill over phone.  Always Bill.  And then it’s a blessing.  Join me at http://www.madaboutposh.com

A Little Bit of Sass

Just a little sass. That’s what I tell people who ask me about the blue streak in my hair.  Take an aging man.  Describe him: silver fox, distinguished, yada, yada, yada.  Take an aging woman: hag, crone.  Get my point?

No wonder women fear and detest growing old.  Society has a way of just not seeing old women. I’m changing that in my own small way.  As baby boomers grow old, the population of those over 65 years of age will account for 22% of the total population.  I may not be alone in this!  I decided to let my hair go white; I also decided to add just a little hint of sass.

It suits me.  I like it.  Maybe that’s why I love Posh…because Posh is sassy too.  Being trendy and cutting edge makes it a great retirement business.  Look at product names and see if I am not right!

Yes, the old switch that whacked my legs for being sassy never cured me.  Sorry, mom.  My trek to the grave will no doubt be littered with sassy little thoughts and comments.  And I’m okay with that.

Living with gusto isn’t flaunting yourself…with age, with beauty, with sex, with blue hair.  Rather, it is embracing yourself.  Your quirky ways.  Your sense of humor.  Your whitening hair.  Your blue streak.  Wink, wink.  Visit my site at http://www.madaboutposh.com and click on JOIN.  I’d love to work with you, you sassy thing, you!

Sensory Deprivation Attacks Mercilessly

Our five senses give life its definition.  Artists paint because the tapestry of life evokes images that touch the soul.  The delicate melody of the violin, a soft caress, an exquisite meal all make our lives rich  And without them, sterility of the soul threatens a bland existence.  It’s called sensory deprivation.

A recent study published by the National Center for Health Statistics documented that of those 65 years of age or older, 40% experience functional deficits.  In other words, as we age, our quality of life comes under attack through our failing senses.  It dulls our gusto, and we often require aids in restoring what is lost…bifocals, hearing aids as prime examples.

It was the loss of smell that attracted me to the world of Posh.  I hadn’t really smelled anything in years, when I passed a display so rich in essential oils, that impelled me to screech into a 180 and stop.  Investigate.  Become a Posh consultant.

The return of scent to the repertoire of my working senses has been a joy, plain and simple  A grace note I enjoy each and every day.  Posh is truly my happy place.  More than income, Posh replenishes my loss, and I am thankful for it.

New friends get a kit like this, just for becoming a part of the wonderful world of Posh. Go to http://www.madaboutposh.com

Good Vibes

Faith.  According to Paul, it’s hoped for and not seen.  Intangible.  A belief.  Not knowledge.

A life of gusto is premised on faithl.  If not, fear of giving too much engenders a hoarding instinct.  Only through faith in an eternal supply can I expend all the laughter, all the energy, all the joy I possess, and know a fresh supply refills my soul’s empty coffers.  The same goes with temporal giving as well.  There exist those times when I give Posh freely, knowing replacement product awaits.

Sing to a country Western song: Let me never love just a little.  Smile just a little.  Give just a little.  I want to live with a brimming over quality inspiring those around me each and every day.  This is living with gusto.

What is living with grace?  Not epecting a return.  Letting others be themselves without judgment.  Accepting faults and failures without blame.  Not so easy to do.

I balance precariously on the tightrope of life, finding it easier to live with gusto more than grace.  I need more grace.

good vibes
Good Vibes epitomizes this whole concept to me, and yes, I do have some in stock! Contact me for some yummy hand creme.